From burlesque classics such as feather fan dances and balloon-pops to high-kicking group cancan numbers, from humorous and topical themes to performances that will complement any theme or occasion, we have a bank of dances to suit your requirements and are able to customise work to suit. We have bases in Edinburgh and Cardiff and have a team of London-based performers, and can provide entertainment across the UK.

Some of our most requested acts…


Creating a dazzling visual spectacle of rhinestones, feathers and glitter, our showgirls are a must-have for high-end events seeking something a bit different and very special for their entertainment. In the style of Moulin Rouge or Las Vegas, our showgirls will glide, high kick and provide glamour for your event.

Cancan – Traditional

Performed by our dedicated cancan troupe French Fling, this raucous cancan lasts a jaw dropping eight minutes, filled with gymnastic high kicking splendour. Our dancers are all highly trained professionals who have worked in shows round the world including famous Parisian cabarets Moulin Rouge and Lido.

Cancan – Comedic

A cheeky comedic take on the traditional cancan, with two tipsy ladies and an unsuspecting gentleman.

Fan Dance

This is a tasteful number which embodies the spirit of burlesque using large ostrich feather fans.  Visually beautiful, it can be serenely reminiscent of the glamour of early twentieth century Paris, or a more bawdy American bumps ‘n’ grinds style burlesque piece.

Balloon Pop

A burlesque favourite, the dancer appears onstage dressed in not much more than balloons, which are popped one by one.


In a tribute to Michael Jackson, let our dancers thrill you with original choreography from the iconic video.


High-kicking and showy, typical of cabaret revues, this chair dance is sexy, sultry and seductive.

‘The Gift’

The dancer performs inside a giant box, emerging tantalisingly at the end. Ideal for birthday parties!

Bond girls

Martini, girls and guns. Performed to Shirley Bassey classics and the famous 007 theme, our Bond girls leave the audience shaken and stirred.


We are based in Edinburgh and Cardiff and can provide showgirl, can-can, cabaret and burlesque performers in these cities as well as across the UK.



French Fling cancan “a high-kicking Parisian cancan spectacle”

This raucous performance from our dedicated cancan troupe French Fling is a jaw dropping eight minutes of cancan splendour! High-kicking exuberance and athletic grace is captured in the French cancan, one of the most famous dances of all.




The troupe, comprised of professional dancers and gymnastic specialists, celebrates the traditional French cancan with all the well-known spécialités such as the high-kicking battement, the grand écart (jump splits) and more, to provide a show-stopping spectacle guaranteed to whip the audience into a frenzy.

From the music halls of Paris, the cancan is a time-honoured favourite that adds that extra spark to any event.  ‘Cancan’, which can translate as ‘scandal’, originally a partner dance, has developed over time to produce the perfect heady mix of high kicks, gymnastic moves and bawdy humour.  It expounds with energy and elegance.  The cancan is not simply a dance routine; it is an exercise in spectacle and excitement!

We have built on this iconic dance and its traditional bawdy nature to create an explosive performance.  Combining attitude, style, athleticism and grace, the costumes, dancing and energy merge to form the perfect cancan.

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