Terms and Conditions

Please read these Terms and Conditions carefully before booking. These do not affect your statutory rights.


Quotes are valid for one month, except in the following cases:

  • If the party date is less than one month away, the quote is valid for one week
  • If the party date is less than two weeks away, the quote is valid for three working days
  • If the party date is less than one week away, the quote is valid for 24 hours

We ask for final numbers the week before your session, when we then calculate balance due. We ask for final payment based on these numbers two days before your session. The price of your session may increase if your party size increases after final numbers have been advised. The price is not subject to decrease if your party size decreases after full payment has been made.

If we have given you a quote with wrong or incomplete information from you, we may need to add supplementary charges if we have been unaware of any pertinent facts, including but not limited to: a date of less than two weeks in the future; a time outwith our usual hours of Saturday between 11am and 6pm inclusive; the location your session will be held in; a session held at your own accommodation which requires higher transport costs than originally indicated; or if you require a specific venue.


The £95 deposit is non-refundable. The balance is due the week before the session. We will contact you to ask for final numbers and request the balance early in the week before your party (eg if your session is on Saturday, we will email on Monday). If your session is on Saturday, final payment must be made by 5pm on Thursday.

Non-payment by you

If you do not make final payment by the requested date (by Thursday 5pm for a Saturday session) we are entitled to cancel your session.


If you cancel your party six working days or more before the party date, you are entitled to a full refund (should you have paid in advance) minus the £95 deposit.

If you cancel your party with five or fewer working days’ notice, we regret we are unable to offer you a refund.

You are able to transfer the payment, not including the £95 deposit, to a party on another date within three months. You may only transfer once.


As our teachers and venues have been booked for the time specified for your party, we regret we are unable to extend your lesson in the case of lateness of your party.

Length of Party

Your group has a dedicated two-hour time slot with between 90 and 120 minutes instruction.

Changes to Bookings:

By you:

You are not entitled to a refund if you change the date, time or location of your party. Quotes may be subject to increase if your party size increases. Costs are not subject to decrease if your party size decreases after full payment has been made (the week before the party).

By us:

Very occasionally, and due to circumstances beyond our control, we may need to change times, dates and locations of a party.

If the change of date is not suitable for you, we will offer you a full refund.

We may change the start time of your party by up to 30 minutes and you are not entitled to any refund. You will be offered a full refund if a change of time is more than 30 minutes and is not suitable.

If we change the venue for your party, we cannot offer you a refund. The venue will be within a reasonable distance of the original venue.


Please tell us on initial enquiry if any member of your party is under 18. We regret that under-18s cannot take part in burlesque sessions. In addition, your group will require a venue which allows under-18s. We cannot be held responsible for under-18s not gaining access to parties if we have not been informed of their presence and you will not be entitled to a refund.

Health and Safety

All participants take part in our classes at their own risk. We cannot accept any liability for injuries incurred during the lessons.

If you believe that you have any medical conditions which may make the class unsuitable for you then please consult your GP prior to your class.

You must at all times follow the instruction of our teachers. Students who repeatedly disobey instructions may be asked to leave the class.

You must not take part in a class when under the influence of alcohol or drugs.


You must inform us on booking, or when it becomes known, if a member of your party is pregnant. If pregnant, you must seek medical advice before the class and inform us in writing (email is acceptable) that you are participating at your own risk and take full responsibility for your health and safety. You must make yourself known to the instructor on the day of the class before the class starts. The instructor will advise on which sections of the class are suitable.


Academy of Burlesque and Cabaret holds full public liability insurance.


All props supplied by Academy of Burlesque and Cabaret must be returned to the teacher at the end of the party.


Thank you!