Class Styles

Burlesque Beginners

Burlesque beginner level lessons are lively, entertaining classes which are designed to take you on a whistle stop tour of the glamorous fun filled world of burlesque.  This level is designed for both those with no experience in burlesque, as well as those who are keen to reveal their inner burlesque beauty to the world by taking to the stage.

These burlesque classes and workshops are specifically designed to induct you in the burly-style staples of posing, peeling, teasing and character work.  In no time at all you will be posing like Marilyn, peeling like Gypsy Rose Lee, teasing like Immodesty Blaize and revealing that inner diva, comedienne, femme fatale, or bad girl – the everyday essentials of a budding burlesque artist!

Burlesque Beginners will familiarise you with the burlesque essentials of posture and posing and inducts you gently into the realm of burlesque.  Through the use of characterisation and props you will learn some of the tricks of the burly-cabaret stage.  Academy of Burlesque and Cabaret classes and workshops will teach you peeling techniques and movement, using them to create a myriad of burlesque striptease style routines.  Finally, the burlesque experience wouldn’t be complete without mastering the finer points of tassel twirling!

These burlesque workshops also teach concept-building in burlesque routines, demonstrating how the elements introduced in class combine to create a burlesque act.

Participants should wear comfortable clothing and bring shoes to dance in as well as heels, gloves and a dressing gown/coat. If applicable, you will be advised on what else to bring lesson by lesson.

Burlesque Beginners classes are currently held in Edinburgh and Glasgow.

Burlesque Improvers

Burlesque Improvers is a class  created for those initiated in the world of old-fashioned burlesque and cabaret.  This class is designed around the ‘3 Cs’ of burlesque – concept, character and choreography – fusing these with advanced peeling techniques.  Designed to challenge the individual performer as well as offer fun-filled troupe work this class delves deeper into the mysteries of the burlesque genre.

This course may also offers students performance opportunities at local burlesque and cabaret events.

Please wear clothes you can move in, and small heels if you are comfortable dancing in them.  You will be advised on what else to bring lesson by lesson.

Burlesque Improvers classes currently held in Edinburgh and Glasgow.

Showgirl Classes

to be confirmed

Can-Can Classes

Traditionally associated with showstopping gymnastic moves, flexibility and strenuous cardiovascular choreography, we will lead you through a much more user-friendly version of the can-can! Comprising a warm-up, the learning of iconic can-can steps and a full-length group can-can dance routine, this boisterous class will improve your flexibility and fitness and positively encourages the use of the piercing can-can whoop!

This playful and spirited dance has been a firm favourite in Paris since the early 19th century and is the perfect blend of excitement, energy and a certain je ne sais quoi. Taking you through many of the time-honoured moves that are known and loved worldwide, we create a high- (or not so high) kicking, skirt-swishing, whooping extravaganza.   We celebrate the traditional French can-can with the well-known spécialités such as the high-kicking battement, the famous can-can chorus line and of course a flash or two of the derrière!

Students should bring a flared skirt to wear over their dance clothes and wear trainers or jazz shoes.

Burlesque Fan Dance

Made famous by Sally Rand, fan dancing is a captivating dance style, elegant and visually beautiful.  Working with two ostrich feather fans per student, we will teach you how to ‘hide and reveal’, teasing your audience with the fans, and focusing their attention on illusions of exposure.

Fan dancing works on the essence of suggestion and exploits the dancer’s skill of manoeuvre, poise and motion.  A blend of style, grace, flirtation and a touch of humour make our fan dance class an exotic and fun way to learn one of the most aesthetically pleasing of all burlesque dance styles.  Suitable for novices and experts alike, this class will polish and perfect even the most experienced of burlesque performers.

Cabaret Fan Dance

In our cabaret fan dance workshop, we will transport you to the Las Vegas stage.  Creating a stunning formation showgirl routine with feather fans and quintessentially glamorous choreography, this part of the workshop takes its inspiration from the classic cabaret revues such as the Moulin Rouge and the Tropicana.  Dazzling, dangerous and with a certain je ne sais quoi, join us in creating your own troupe of Follies!

Please wear comfortable clothing and bring small heels.  False eyelashes and rhinestones optional.

Dedicated fan dance classes are included in the Burlesque Beginners and Burlesque Improvers syllabus at Edinburgh Dance Base and in our Glasgow classes. Please contact us for further information and booking.


For any men that think that they’re the wrong sex for burlesque, try our Boylesque (Male Burlesque) workshops and discover your boylesque alter-ego.  Burlesque is most definitely not just for females: men have been performing and creating burlesques for centuries – and it’s high time that you gents got back into the swing of it!

This is a fun, movement-based class which focuses on styles of burlesque through the ages.  From slapstick to modern jazz, Boylesque will introduce you to the movement styles that have influenced all burlesque, infusing it with the vital element of parody.  Of course, with burlesque striptease on the rise, this workshop will introduce gents to the basics of peeling as well.  Think Laurel and Hardy, throw in a twist of The Full Monty and top it all off with some Austin Powers magic.

Please wear comfortable clothing you can move in and bring a pair of gloves, a jacket with buttons and a pair of loose fitting trousers.

Boylesque classes currently only available on private bookings via National Dance Agencies, other organisations or private parties. Please contact us if you would like us to lead a Male Burlesque workshop.

Performance Classes

Burlesque and other cabaret style dance classes taught for the purpose of an upcoming performance.