Burlesque School Milano

ABC’s Italian partner is the venerable, talented and beautiful Mitzi von Wolfgang, the founder and director of the first Italian school of burlesque, Burlesque School Milano.

Mitzi began her dance career in early ‘80s, specialising in Oriental and gypsy dance styles, training with famous international teachers and progressing into musical theatre, cabaret and the wider performing arts. Having fallen in love with neo-British burlesque, she undertook specialist training with Gypsy Charms in London with the aim of creating a Burlesque Academy in Italy that would allow Italians to train in the art form.

She has introduced periodical workshops with Gypsy Charms in Italy in an attempt to encourage and raise the levels of professional burlesque tuition. Mitzi’s mission to bring high quality burlesque tuition to Italy has garnered support from the talented burlesque aficionado better known as the Ambassador of Burlesque in Italy and founder of Burlesque Italia, the indomitable Mr Attilio Reinhardt.